What to Wear

Coordinate but don't be ‘matchy-matchy’: Pick a style (dressy, casual, western?) and maybe a color or two that go together. For example you could wear a white shirt and green scarf that coordinates with the green plaid in his shirt. Layers are wonderful! Wearing different patterns and textures is a great plus as well. Please avoid anything with logos, etc. You can always send me pics of what you're thinking of wearing and I can give you some feedback. There are lots of boards on Pinterest if you're needing some more ideas!

You are beautiful: Please wear flattering clothing that fits well. I promise your figure is gorgeous even if you feel you could lose a few pounds, don't hide it under too large clothing or accentuate it with clothing that is too small.  Bring an outfit or two as a backup in case what you're wearing doesn't look good on camera. For the women: I also suggest wearing makeup, at least some concealer under your eyes. Blush and mascara enhance your features and make you look alive, but it is up to you. 

Accessories ROCK! The more, the better. Accessories are great for both the men and women and add interest, color and texture to your photos. Scarves, hats, jewelry, jackets,vests… We can always take away and add them to different shots so you have a lot of variety in your pictures. If this is an engagement session remember your ring!

Props: If you are having a ‘themed’ shoot, bring items that will enhance the scene. Even if we aren’t doing a specific theme, if you have something that is meaningful to you as a couple or family, bring it along! We may or may not use it, but it could spark a brilliant idea that gets your session published in a magazine or blog. 

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